Benefits of Stock Photos for Entrepreneurs

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Why are stock photos so beneficial for small businesses and solopreneurs? 

Do you ever catch yourself scrolling mindless through Instagram, Pinterest and find yourself stopping at a draw dropping image, video or graphic? US TOO! Images are the first key step in building brand awareness and visibility- Visuals are truly what drive content creation these days, and in return, brings more eyes to your business.

We recently came across an interesting Hubspot article that dives into how we as individuals relate to visual content: 

  • The human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than it processes textual information.
  • Optimizing an article with visual elements gives it an average of 37% more engagement.
  • Press releases with photos generate around 14% more views than those without photos.

Key takeaway from this? Visual content is KEY!

Myself (Jordan) and Tina understood the struggle when trying to find well-curated stock images and finding stock images that don’t scream ‘bland stock images’. (How many times can we say stock images in a blog post) We wanted to create a website that would shake up the stock photography market, bring you jaw dropping, emotion evoking, value packed, drool worthy photos, videos and mock-ups all in one place. Your one-stop shop to access everything you need to save you time and money so you can focus on other aspects of your thriving business.  

Professional photography is expensive, which most of us know and even if you are following a modest social schedule by posting 4 times a week, that is almost 200 images a year. 200 HIGH QUALITY, WELL CURATED IMAGES!! Definitely a lot of $$$. Stock photos are significantly more affordable than hiring a photographer; Professional photography can cost hundreds of dollars per hour and can result in very few images within that high price point. Aside from branding images like head shots, curating custom images is not always a viable option for businesses. Stock photos help solve affordability for small business!!

Why good stock photography can benefit you?

  • You can save the time and money of hiring a photographer.
  • They are versatile enough for many uses.
  • They are easily editable to fit your business needs.
  • The subscription sites give you access to various high-quality images.
  • More engagement, views and higher analytics on your marketing materials. 

We hope you love our images as much as we do!! Any requests, head to our google form and let us know what you would like to see next!

Tina and Jord


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