You'll find both our Membership and Commercial questions answered below!

What kind of quality can I expect from ESI?

We know you’ve got questions, so fire away!

Every photo and video has been carefully and mindfully created by a pro photographer and shot in high-res between 1000 up to 3000 pixels wide. You can download and condense them to fit the needs of your content, knowing that they won’t be blurry or pixelated.

What is the difference between Membership and Commercial Stock?

Membership stock can be used for personal business use only, for items like pdf downloads, social media, website backgrounds, project management tools, newsletters, Pinterest pins, blog posts, slide deck presentations, and marketing materials. 

We restrict the use of our images in your clients’ projects. For example, if you have a client who wants our images on their website, they will also need to sign up for the ESI membership in order to use them within their own materials.

On the other hand, our Commercial Stock library can be used for end-sale products like paid PDFs, guides, courses, and website templates. However, please note that our terms of service prohibit you from selling or distributing our images as your own. These images are exclusive to our library, and it’s important to us to keep it that way so our photographers can get paid and our members benefit from exclusive access to each asset.

How is this different from other stock photo memberships? Why should I join ESI and not something else?

Unlike other stock photo memberships, we offer unique, curated assets that are editorial in style and don’t adhere to just one kind of aesthetic. If you have a more dark and moody brand, you’ll love our unique library of images, videos, and mockups. With monthly updates and community features, we’re actively creating a stock photo membership you’ll never want to leave, with everything you’ll ever need all in one place.

What is your refund / cancellation policy?

Due to the digital nature of our membership, there are no refunds. However, if you choose not to renew your membership, you may simply cancel your membership before your renewal date and continue to access our stock library until your membership is canceled.

Would I have access to similar images I saw on the commercial side?

No, we actually try to curate exclusively for the commercial shop. These images are fresh, and can't be purchased anywhere else.  We are constantly shooting for the commercial stock shop.

How and where can I use these images?

When you purchase access to the membership, you may use the images you download to post on social media, your website, or in any free downloads. However, you cannot sell or give away the images, use them in items that will be for sale, like pdf guides or website templates, or use them in client projects that are for end sale. If you think you’ll need images for these purposes, our commercial image library could be exactly what you’re looking for!

If I cancel my membership do I have to delete all my images.

No, you can keep whatever images you have downloaded to use on your website, social media, blog posts, newsletters, free lead magnets that all help market your business. 

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